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Adult education is a key requirement in developing countries that still struggle with issues such as poverty, burgeoning populations and poor infrastructure. In India, while the Government has made considerable efforts in the area of adult education, including incorporating ambitious targets in the Five Year Plans, the quantum of actual progress falls significantly short of the level required to achieve a respectable national literacy rate, more so when it comes to literacy among Indian women.

Sensing the need in this area, Shantikunj along with our associate agencies had visited the rural areas and tried to get the information on literacy in the area. We found that adults in three out of five houses have not even received primary education. Hence we have started advocacy campaign to contribute to the cause of improving literacy rates.
The findings of the 2011 Census show only a modest improvement: the overall illiteracy rate has dropped to 26% – around 18% among males and 34% among females. Illiteracy, therefore, still remains a concern for India, especially when it comes to closing the gap between the rates for males and females. For the purpose of spreading information in the region we are using Informal educational devices like:
 Forums
 Study circles
 Group discussions
 Listening groups
 Camps.

Recreational, educational bodies like:
 Theatres,
 Cinemas,
 Clubs,
 Societies,
 Fairs, Melas, Nautanki etc. which attracts large no. of people.

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