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Advocating Girls Education

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Educating Girl/Women educates whole family
Girls‘ education is one of the most effective ways for ending poverty in developing nations. Education for girls can have the benefit of delaying marriage and pregnancy for young girls. Instead of a girl getting married before age 20 and often suffering abuse by her husband, girls who attend primary and secondary school are more likely to have a say in who they marry. Girls who attend school also are able to use more effective methods of family planning and therefore have fewer and healthier babies. An educated girl and woman will have learned about HIV/AIDS and know many different ways to protect herself from getting the disease. Every year of schooling helps a girl make better decisions for her and her family.
Women who attended school often have healthier families. These women are more likely to seek medical help from clinics or doctors. Because they can read, literate women can understand a doctor‘s detailed instructions and follow up for help if needed. These women also can read nutritional labels and provide their family healthy meals that promote growth and lower cholesterol. Education also teaches young ones the importance of keeping herself and her house clean and safe.
Our volunteers have visited Anganvadis and Panchayats and made them understand the importance of Girl child education. We also visited the schools in the region and saw the girl child attendance in the school. The next thing we have decided to meet the parents of girl child who are not sending their daughter to the schools and will try to find out the reasons behind it.

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