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When our team met with the students preparing for various exams we find that the duration of study hours is one of the basic problems students face while preparing for the exams. One should not generalize the study hours as it differs from individual to individual. You need not study for 10 or 12 hours, one can clear the exam with a dedicated three-hour study schedule too.
Shantikunj volunteers encouraged the students to stop fearing the interview, which the last stage of the examination process. Students have many misconceptions about interview. Posture, clothes, though matters; we told them that the important thing is their knowledge. Interviewers try to identify them as a potential officer through made-up situations and their reactions to those.
Syllabus is the most important part of exam preparation. A candidate should be clear on what he is going to prepare and appear for. The structure of the exam is also important whether it is UPSC or MPSC.

We found that one of the common problems for many is the English language. If students give their full attention to the subject, it is going to be a problem. We told them to read books and newspaper to learn the language.
Our team also interacted with students to give more insights about the competitive exam preparation.
During a student interaction at an institution we asked participants to write down three parameters to describe what they think when it comes to preparing of General Knowledge or G.K. The three most common responses were:
(i) Vastness and spread multi-dimensionally;
(ii) Dynamically evolving, and
(iii) Difficult to Organize Information.
Looking at these responses we gave them some tips on how to make preparation of G.K. for competitive examination easy, structured and fruitful.
Since, whatever we treat at general knowledge content, it keeps on growing day-by-day. The overall size of the GK-domain thus becomes vast, and therefore, organizing all the ever-evolving, ever-changing, ever-growing information becomes difficult. It is important for students to tactically plan their journey and also use tools that help them do well in G.K. section of the test. Till now nearly 200 students benefited from our campaigns.

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