Computer Training Workshop for The Government Employees

The Indian Government had done all the necessary arrangement to execute the e-governance. But when it comes to ground level the initiative is lacking in several aspects of the execution. Because the all Government employees who are working from long time are not able to adopt modern working techniques. They have worked with the manual/conventional working style by doing all the things by writing. Due to that it is very tough for them to work with this all kind of software‘s and the facilities provided by the government.
Problems faced by employees-
 Lack of knowledge about the operations related to their day to day work like email, scanning, online searching etc.
 The employees are not aware about the data exchanges like uploading and downloading.
 They do not know the use of Social Media.
 Not aware about the Cyber Security and Cyber Crime due to that the important data can be shared easily.
 Not aware about the government portals which can be used in their daily work.
 Not aware about the online surfing of needed data and many other internet related activities.
 By lacking behind increase the work load of the employee.
Looking at the above scenario Shantikunj has decided to start the workshop “Computer/Internet Operations for Government Employees”
Objectives of the workshop:
 To enhance the work style of the employee together with advancement in technology.
 Aware the employees about the internet and its uses for their day to day work.
 Help out them How to do the work email, scanning, online searching etc.
 Aware the employee about the social media together with daily mapping on Government on Social Media.
 It will help out the department to do their work fast with work efficiency.

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