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Plastic Free City: Awareness Campaign

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It is common knowledge that the use of well known polymer polythene like plastics which are cross linked polymers and which are very tough find tremendous applications in daily life as they are very light durable, stable cheap and hard materials which can be put to several uses in housing, packing, transporting, medicine, tools and machine making.

It is also common knowledge that unbridled and wanton use of polythene and plastic by people throughout the whole country has been posing great danger affecting the life of people and animals. In rainy season the drainage gets choked due to garbage and plastics dumped and not timely cleared by civic authorities. This results into flooding of cities and towns and paralyzing life of people. The animals who eat the food along with plastic and polythene bags ultimately dieone menace posed by wanton use of polythene plastic is not limited to India but it is now a global problem.
Hence it is a high time the issue needs to be addressed seriously for which awareness among people needs to be spread.
It is in this view of the matter that our organisation carried out awareness campaigns in the Yavatmal city through which people in general are enlightened to avoid use of plastic as far as possible and instead resort to use of alternatives such as cloth bags, jute bags, paper bags and other such disposable material which do not cause any danger to the environment, soil, animals and human beings when such material is destroyed or disposed off after use. The hazards of plastic have been explained to the citizens. The campaign to arouse awareness on the important and serious matter is in the interest of all citizens. Shantikunj contemplates to raise the pitch of the campaign higher and higher in order to make the city free of polymer and polythene.
As a part of our programmes not only proper information, knowledge is imparted through banners, seminars, lectures etc. but the organisation took initiative to distribute bags made of proper cloth free of cost to the vendors to start with and to encourage them to stop use of polythenes.
This activity is not a onetime event but needs to be carried out at regular intervals in future so as to successfully achieve the goal “Plastic free Yavatmal City’.

Key Points of the Awareness Campaign:
1) Sms Campaigning
2) Toll free number for complaint registration
3) Laws and Rules regarding the use of plastic for pamphlets
4) Volunteers will distribute Cloth bags together with the aforesaid pamphlets.
5) Voice call campaign by Nagaradhyaksha/ CEO
6) Awareness at Government and Non- Government organisation.
7) Volunteers minimum 20 up to 40.

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