Save Fuel Save Nation

While pollution and respiratory problems are some of the collateral damages and major concerns of health hazards belched out by fuel, the steep price hike in imports within a limited time frame has hit the common man the hardest. This pushes up the cost of transportation – be they are the price of vegetables or the fare for mortuary vans to the funeral ground. The fossil fuels come from under the earth where they are supposed to be and uprooting them will affect the oceans and the air we breathe making living very difficult one on the planet. Largely people have taken various other routes that have eventually led to an urban chaos and an imbalance in many vital aspects of life.
We desire for each one to strive to leave a good carbon footprint by which everyone shall benefit. We are planning to involve high school children, college students and youth in this mammoth exercise.
It is a stark reality that production of crude oil in India is far less and it cannot meet the requirement and need of consumers. This has been so since independence till date. As consequent our country being not self reliant in crude oil production has to import crude oil and petroleum products from abroad to a large extent carrying heavy burden on the budget and economy due to foreign exchange involved in the huge import of crude oil. It is estimated that our import of crude oil is to the extent of 65% to meet our requirement. It goes without saying that inadequate production of crude oil in the country is one of the bottlenecks that is taking heavy toll on development process as causing considerable burden on national economy. It is in this perspective that the campaign on saving fuel to save country assumes importance in the national interest. Fuel does not mean only petrol and diesel it includes coal, wood, kerosene etc. hence all types of fuel could be saved only if people realize its importance.

People should be prevented from cutting trees for wood as a fuel for cooking food, heating water etc. other ways to save fuel especially petrol, diesel is to stop use of vehicles on some days, use of bicycles, habit of walking whenever and wherever feasible will also have positive impact in the long run which will ultimately benefit our country as a whole. Resolution to use of solar energy as alternative to conventional fuels will be immensely effective. Save fuel to save Country is our slogan and we are running the campaign in the city as an attempt to bring the slogan into reality. We find that people/ consumers in general are not aware of the seriousness of the problem. Wanton use of petrol/diesel with increasing no. of automobiles would increase the budget exorbitantly. Hence if all people seriously endeavour to somehow save fuel it will be good for our country. Hence with a view to arouse awareness and to spread that awareness in the minds of large no of people our organisation has extensively launched the campaign in Yavatmal city. The volunteers displayed banners on prominent signals and locations to catch attention of the pliars of automobile vehicles. The volunteers also personally exhorted the people to save fuel by way of:
 minimum use of vehicles,
 sharing of vehicles among friends, colleagues for the same destination
and such other methods. The organisation has also held seminars to enlighten the public at large on the serious and important issue. It is indeed heartening to see that people are sensitive and sensible on such matters of National interest and they voluntarily respond and act responsibly. What is needed is only to arouse in them the awareness and our organisation is precisely focused on this aspect and doing everything to motivate people through our campaigns.

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