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Vection: Moving out of Self Illusion

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In the present technologically advanced times a new word ―Vection‖ has been coined which connotes the peculiar situation/ Crisis prevalent in the minds of most people, i.e. the crisis of self illusion, the tendency of obsession with self creating blueprints and lack of effort to move out of that syndrome. It is with this prospective in view that Shantikunj together with IIEH (Associate) have implemented this project which aims at providing a solution to the dilemma.
And various activities that are contemplated to be undertaken under this project will surely go to address the crisis faced by teeming millions of youth in the country. The Vection is a small initiative in conformity with Governments policy and agenda on the subject of human skill development.

The aims, objectives and the silent features of the VECTION are:-
1. Organize and conducting skill development workshop on different subjects involving government departments and NGO to aware citizens about their role in country‘s development/Ethical citizenship & Social activism and thus registering their participation.
2. Organizing and Conducting Student Workshops.
3. Organizing and Conducting Behavioral Audits for students and teachers.
4. Organizing and conducting educational awareness programs.

Participants of the workshops are called upon to think about the following symptoms of the crisis, existing in the mind of most people being common:-
 Slowly slowly energy and enthusiasm decreases.
 Inspiration, motivation to work gradually vanishes.
 Abilities and efficiency become weak.

Students from various colleges attended the event. Prof. Raja Akash of IIEH (Indian Institute of Educational Health) who is also our Associate, deliver the lecture and guided the students on various issues regarding their exam and how to prepare for the examination and also give them career counseling.

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