Women Empowerment Project WIDE

Equipped with job-skills training and basic business education, along with an awareness of their rights, women go on to become leaders in their communities, inspiring other women to follow in their steps. These two elements appear throughout WIDE (Woman’s Intellectual Development and Empowerment) programming and help generate our programs’ key outcomes:
 Women need Income: Income and asset management.
 Wellbeing Of Women: Awareness, protection and prevention.
 Decision-makers: Family and community decision-making.
 Social networks and safety nets: Solidarity for support and protection.
When these four key outcomes are met, women experience lasting change and are positioned to be active citizens. Active citizenship is when a woman engages socially, civically and economically for the betterment of her family and community. As active citizens, women can become leaders of community change that lead to peaceful and stable societies.

Strategic Objectives of Project WIDE:
 To develop strategy to facilitate employment of women from poor and socially excluded families in urban slums through vocational (EDP Modules) training and social awareness skills trainings increasing their income level substantially.
 To support women in accessing job oriented vocational & skill development trainings/techniques and job placement services as well.
 Acquiring Financial resources and allocating it effectively and efficiently to different areas of Project activities.
 Acquiring and Building Physical Resources: Building Resource Centers which is an integral part in Holistic Empowerment of Women. Acquiring locations for 10 training centers (i.e. classrooms).
 Acquiring and training Human Resources (volunteers) and slum women for the Project activities.
 Creating awareness in the Project areas by conducting detail Survey which will help understand the Demographic characteristics of the population.

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