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Youth Leadership and Personality Development Programme for the rural youth is a youth development programme wherein emphasis is given on competency development. The training programme would attempt to develop leadership qualities, national character, knowledge, and personality development among the participating youth so that they after the training programme develop not only better personality but also competency to recognize opportunities, trends and methods to choose among the alternatives available in society for a better life. It will motivate the youth to act as the focal points for the dissemination of knowledge and competency development in the rural area.

Besides, the training programme would also cover those areas of general awareness which would equip the participants in knowing about the government schemes and their implementation procedures; about various self-employment schemes and programmes of entrepreneurship with Ministry of labour and Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).
The accelerated economic growth has increased the demand for skilled manpower that has highlighted the shortage of skilled and motivated manpower in the country. Employers state a variety of reasons for their inability to fill jobs, ranging from undesirable geographic locations to candidates not well equipped with the desired skills. India is among the top countries in which employers are facing difficulty in filling up the jobs. For India, the difficulty to fill up the jobs is 48%. The lack of available applicants, shortage of hard skills and shortage of suitable employability, including soft skills, is some of the key reasons in finding a suitable candidate for available jobs in the country.

In our advocacy campaigns we focus on positive attitude, effective communication skills, problem solving ability, effective time management skills, team spirit, self-confidence, ability to handle criticism – skills that are also known as soft skills a whole; have better chances of survival in the tough outside world, compared to the students who are lacking in soft skills.
Youth are under great pressure to make a success in life, to prove themselves to their parents and the society, and yet the opportunities are limited.

Giving serious thought to this aspect we conceived concrete ideas and if they are translated into action, will bring out phenomenal positive effects in the lives of teaming millions of young men and women who aspire to achieve true success.
Our activities in that direction includes personality development workshops, career guidance workshops and exploring scope for entrepreneurship development etc. with the help of our associate IIEH (Indian Institute of Educational Health).
For facilitating the youth to set jobs our organisation even tried to seek co-operation and assistance from the Corporate in our city. Those public spirited employers rendered cooperation and lent support to our constructive and positive work and as a result we could help some persons in the city to acquire job.
Till now nearly 800 students have been benefited by our initiatives in Yavatmal and Nagpur cities.

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