Election Booth Assistance Center

We are a democratic country. Democracy is not merely a form of government, but a method of organising life and economy for the benefit of all. However democracy in India, in recent years, has come under heavy shadows and presents a dismal picture of the whole set up. Yet there is great enthusiasm among people seen at the time of elections. Barring a few exceptions here and there large no of voters come to election booth to caste vote. Some voters sit at home on Election Day take it as closed holiday and shirk from their responsibility of voting. Most of the voters are not fully aware of the process and some of them are ill literate and they need to assisted and guided properly at the election both. Realizing the difficulties of the voters our organisation had taken steps to set up an election booth assistance centre where our volunteers were engaged.
Election Booth Assistance Centre in providing assistance to the voters for finding their names in the voters list, proper booth, and room no. etc. for the sake of convenience to the voters as well as to help the election machinery for conducting the work at the election booth more smoothly and peacefully. Hundreds of voters visited our counter and find their name on the list and their voting room. We feel it worthwhile to carry out such activity in the larger interest whenever elections happen. Even as every political party has its own arrangement to help the voters at the election booth through their representatives and party workers yet there is deficiency of service and hence our endeavour to provide necessary assistance without any party-line to all types of voters is quite useful. We have been doing such services voluntarily in our Yavatmal city since quite long in all types of elections Vidhansabha, Loksabha, Municipal and so on. This we have been doing selflessly and without expecting any reward. Motivated by spirit of social welfare and National interest. We at organizational level are doing whatever is necessary to the best of our capacity.

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